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ViPNet StateWatcher is a software system implemented on client server computing and designed for central hosts state monitoring of secure ViPNet network.
ViPNet StateWatcher is represented by a program server with standard SQL database network hosts state, installed mutually with ViPNet Client software with access to data and working results of hosts state evaluation rules through remote access via browser.

Monitoring center performs the following functions:

  • Interrogation of current state of secure ViPNet network nodes and their separate components;
  • Merge of controlled nodes into logical groups and assignment of particular analysis rules to these groups;
  • Interrogation of failures and other critical events in operation of ViPNet nodes and separate components of ViPNet software installed on these nodes on the basis of flexible nodes parameters analysis rules;
  • Immediate notification of administrator on monitoring system events;
  • Monitoring information accumulation in the database and data export to files of standard formats.

It is possible to install several monitoring centers in a secure network, which will monitor both nonoverlapping and overlapping sets of ViPNet nodes. This provides implementation of monitoring schemes with information reservation.
Connection to monitoring center can be carried out only from explicit in network control center ViPNet nodes through secure channel, which guarantees monitoring data protection from unauthorized access through the network.

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